Working papers

Selected papers from the Department of Economic's Working Papers Series


2019:5 Term Length and Public Finances: The Case of U.S. Governors
Klarin, Jonas

2019:4 Biased Forecasts to Affect Voting Decisions?: The Brexit Case
Davide Cipullo, André Reslow

2019:1 Why the Norwegian Shareholder Income Tax is Neutral
Jan Södersten


2018:13: Runoff vs. Plurality: Does It Matter for Expenditures? Evidence from Italy 
Davide Cipullo

2018:11 Childcare - A safety net for children?
Aino-Maija Aalto, Eva Mörk, Anna Sjögren, and Helena Svaleryd

2018:9 Health, Longevity and Pension Reform
Tobias Laun, Simen Markussen, Trond Christian Vigtel and Johanna Wallenius

2018:8 Multiple Misbehaving: Loss Averse and Inattentive to Monetary Incentives
Per Engström, Katarina Nordblom and Arnaldur Stefánsson

2018:7 Ethnic Enclaves, Self-Employment and the Economic Performance of Refugees
Henrik Andersson

2018:5 Inheritance tax planning at the end of life
Oscar Erixson and Sebastian Escobar

2018:4 The Kink and Notch Bunching Estimators Cannot Identify the Taxable Income Elasticity
Sören Blomquist and Whitney K Newey

2018:3 Women in Top Incomes: Evidence from Sweden 1974-2013
Anna Boschini, Kristin Gunnarsson, Jesper Roine

2018:2 Taxes and Household Labor Supply: Estimating Distributional Effects of Nonlinear Prices on Multidimensional Choice
Che-Yuan Liang

2018:1 An explicit formula for optimal carbon taxes under general economic settings
Li Chuan-Zhong


2017:12 Analyzing tax reforms using the Swedish Labour Income Microsimulation Model
Jacob Lundberg

2017:9 The Laffer curve for high incomes
Jacob Lundberg

2017:8 Child Care Subsidies, Quality, and Optimal Income Taxation
Spencer Bastani, Sören Blomquist and Luca Micheletto

2017:7 Global earnings inequality, 1970–2015
Olle Hammar and Daniel Waldenström

2017:6 Having It All? Employment, Earnings and Children
Tobias Laun and Johanna Wallenius

2017:5 Estimating Taxable Income Responses with Elasticity Heterogeneity
Anil Kumar and Che-Yuan Liang

2017:1 Demand for Redistribution: Individuals’ Response to Economic Setbacks
​Linna Martén


2016:15 Distributive Politics inside the City? The Political Economy of Spain’s Plan E
Felipe Carozzi ​and Luca Repetto

2016:13 Political preferences for redistribution in Sweden
​Spencer Bastani and Jacob Lundberg

2016:11 The Anatomy of the Extensive Margin Labor Supply Response
Spencer Bastani, Ylva Moberg and Håkan Selin

2016:7 Anti-discrimination Legislation and the Efficiency-Enhancing Role of Mandatory Parental Leave
Spencer Bastani, Tomer Blumkin and Luca Micheletto

2016:6 Political budget cycles with informed voters: evidence from Italy
Luca Repetto 

2016:5 Voting, Taxes and Heterogeneous Preferences: Evidence from Swedish Local Elections
Eva Mörk and Mattias Nordin 

2016:4 Avoiding taxes by transfers within the family
Edoardo Di Porto and Henry Ohlsson 

2016:4 (UCLS Working Paper Series) Estimating participation responses using transfer program reform
Spencer Bastani, Ylva Moberg and Håkan Selin 

2016:3 The effect of local taxes on firm performance: evidence from geo-referenced data
Federico Belotti, Edoardo Di Porto and Gianluca Santoni 


2015:4 Wealth-income ratios in a small, late-industrializing, welfare-state economy: Sweden, 1810–2014
Daniel Waldenström

2015:5 Local Television, Citizen Knowledge and Political Accountability: Evidence from the U.S. Senate
Mattias Nordin

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